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Notes on a memoir found written by a Bai'shen priest

I have been working on the translation of an old memoir written in the forgotten language of Avaros.  Much of it is either words and letters I am unfamiliar with or poor script.  This labor is slow and tedious.

Here is what I have found so far:

It appears the author titled it 'The Dreaded Secret', loosely translated.

I believe this was written about two thousand years ago based on people and places.  But when the priest wrote this memoir, he said it was during the Second Shadow War.  I haven't established exactly when this occurs and what became of the first war because there are no known written records of these wars.  I find this very odd.

I have not discovered the author's name yet.

There is much talk of a cycle of sorts that occurs across the land (probably reaching the whole world but he either didn't know or say.) He calls it a 'shadow' but I believe it is more a sense or feeling; like when the harsh sea storms the hit Castiel.  He says this world has an 'enemy'.  They're named in an ancient elvish tongue but he translates it to trolls.  They seem to come through gates or portals from a netherworld.

These trolls are described as a calculating and dangerous people.  The priest writes of two social classes that seem to be based on size.  There are the smaller magic wielders who are the leaders and the larger 'war' trolls bred for battle.
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