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Timeline of northern Ballidrous

This is a quick timeline of the people and kingdoms of the north based on the Tressekian chroniclers using the Ardaliand calendar.


-  T1  Age of Earth

-  T908  Age of Water

-  T3260  Age of Fire

-  T3310  Present

A general timeline I have put together of known major events that took place in the north.  They were collected from different source that I believe to be credible but there may be some dates that are off.

-  (before the Age of Earth, some call this 'The Wilder Age')


-  T1 Kantrel founded  (Kantrel was the first known Tres city in the north)

-  59 - 62  'Silver Hammer Revolution'  (the Dwarven civil war, clans split and  some migrated to southern Ballidrous)

-  150  Mersite followers leave Schenssisjell  (Mersite was said to be a prophet and a zealot)

-  200  Greater Tres Empire forms

-  441  Tressian Empire

-  505  some Perussian tribes migrate east  (later to be known as the Phillians)

-  542  Year of Paths  (a Tres year that was a marked religious enlightenment)

-  672  Crimson Blade Clan exiled  (a Thyshen clan that was believed to be the catalyst that began the Ardalian Empire's conquest and its future rulers)

-  796  Morgavin Kingdom forms  (an ancient kingdom on the eastern shores of the Gulf of Merchants)


-  908  The Fall of the Gods

-----  This period was called the Dark Ages or the Shadow Times, few records survived, many wars were fought and many people were uprooted from their homes, a darkness came from nowhere and destroyed everything as they conquered, the Bai'shen Priests prophesize that this darkness will return, during this time the Ardalian Empire formed and was instrumental in defeating the invading armies

-  2489  Lughna territories taken by the Ardalian Empire

-  2533  Ardalian Empire takes control of Alluvio Dinerian hinterlands (southern coast of the Gulf of  Merchants)

-  2759  (C1)  city of Castiel founded

-  2883  (C125)  western farmers leave Glokstun to migrate west

-  2935  (C177)  Dracia forms

-  3144  (C386)  Tressekia established


-  3260  (C502)  Kingdom of Cassia forms, centered on Castiel

-  3262  (C504)  'The War of the Ages' begins (Ardalian Empire begins its conquest of the surrounding kingdoms)

-  3264  (C506)  Elder Drevin Kingdom and Tressekia fall to the Ardalian Empire

-  3266  (C508)  Kingdom of Cassia relinquished its lands to the Ardalian Empire

-  3281  (C523)  Rajisham falls, lands turn into desert and people flee or perish from disease and famine 

-  3283  (C525)  Ardalian Empire falls into civil war

-  3286  (C528)  Tressekian Empire and Kingdom of Castiel separates from the weakened Ardalian Empire

-  3289  (C531)  Tressekian Empire dissolves into the Free City-States of Tres

-  3310  (C552)  present day
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