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Chapter One - First Wave
takes place in the northern region so most of the information provided will be found there.  As the storyline progresses, other regions will become available.

The maps, modules and
Q-Adventure booklets, and other local information may be available for download in pdf format.
Continent: Ballidrous
Enolia is a large world and has many races coexisting.  The dominate races across the continents are humans, elves, dwarves, and orcs.  There are other races that are only found in particular areas but they will be discussed when the chronicling reaches their regions. 

The current races available are for the Bai'shen Prophicies on the continent of Ballidrous in the northern region.

Below you will find a brief history on the three main races: human, elves, dwarves.
The oldest tales of human origins are found in the oral traditions of the Perussian people.  It is believed that humans were the children of the elemental gods who reside in the elemental world Yunn; Innak, Cladna, Mannab, and Pyrisus.  These creatures were mindless, elemental shells used to fulfill the needs and entertain the gods with war and unquestioning faith.
Avris, god of celestial light, despised how the other gods treated their creations and punished them for their pride and selfishness. 

    "the lord of all things fell upon the land, and
    with his might, Avris breathed life unto the
    children of Yunn..."

He gifted the children with free will and gave them the potential to manipulate the elements to show the godling lords they too can be controlled.  Out of the children, four tribes formed; the Avarians, the Tressians, the Perussians, and the Levishanos.
The Avarians were believed to have been the first children of the gods and the favored people of Avris.  Not much is known of these people as they disappeared long before written records and very little is said in the oral traditions.  Some believe that, just as the elves who came from the Void, the Avarians ventured into the Void and never returned.  The only remaining blood kin are the Cassians who had settled nearby and shared family ties.
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Brief History
Racial Grouping Tree
The elven race has no known documented history concerning their origins or how they came to be on Enolia.  It is believed that they were banished long ago from another realm or were called upon by an ancient pact to assist in the Shadow Wars.  What little once was available was destroyed during the Shadow Times and has become legend and diluted folklore.  What does seem to ring true it that they have a militaristic society and have an otherworldly quality. 

There are recent prophecies foretelling the return to their homeland.  The Bai'shen followers seek these particular signs and for the reemergence of powerful prophets who will lead to this exodus.
The dwarves of Ballidrous are the oldest of the races.  Their history is well documented within their Halls of Record, found in major cities (pictographs and runes carved into the walls), and among the dwarven chroniclers, a prestigious group of historians. 

They believe the god Mannab formed Enolia and built it within the celestial river Mogadreen, an island floating among others.  Mannab prided herself on her work and, to cultivate and find the deep riches below the surface, Mannab shaped the stones of the Great Mountain of Broda into the first dwarven clan, Broda Bagdareen.  The first records found in the Hall of Eternity in the first dwarven city Bradden Gohyb is now only thought to be fabled and the city long lost and buried in time.  Each dwarven city's Halls of Record starts with the story of their origins and then talks of that city's and local clan's histories.