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Chapter One - First Wave
takes place in the northern region so most of the information provided will be found there.  As the storyline progresses, other regions will become available.

The maps, modules and
Q-Adventure booklets, and other local information may be available for download in pdf format.
Continent: Ballidrous
Brief History
Enolia is a large world and has many races cohabitating.  The dominate races across the continents are humans, elves, dwarves, and orcs.  There are other races that are only found in particular areas but they will be discussed when the chronicles reach their regions. 

The current races available are for the Bai'shen Prophicies on the continent Ballidrous in the northern region.
Central Region
Northern Region
Southern Region
The Sahanti are a small-stature people who inhabit the vast open lands to the east of the civilized kingdoms of the north.
Veolanak are a prolific people who have an affinity to the elemental magics of the world.
Racial Grouping Tree
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- Human
- Elf
- Dwarf
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- Delvai
- Fae
- Gnome
- Halfling
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- Kerionis
- Lizardkin
- Orc
- Praetorian

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- Sahanti
- Veolanak
- Zaidu

Zaidu are believed to be humans who were gifted by the gods to take on aspects of animals.