the fight
The Rivengeld was once a place of learning
and understanding.  Now it is a dream we
seek to rise from the ashes.  We, the Captators,
come from all corners of the world and walks of
life and are preparing for the greatest evil Ballidrous has ever faced.  Our society stays hidden as a way of anonymity and to protect those close to us.

Presently, very little is known of the days to come, but we intend to do all we can to prevent or survive the threat.  What we do know is that every two thousand years a shadow falls upon the world called by the Bai'shen priests as 'The Coming'.  The veil between our world thins and doorways open to an unknown netherworld.  We hope to soon understand more. 

The Rivengeld's section of the website consists of:

Captators are players who want to take part in the growth of the Chronicles of Ballidrous.  This section is for characters or groups to share in their adventures.  For the most part, the campaign world is open for all to view and use the material.  There will be some items offered only to Captators.

The Journal has the journals of participating Captators and the journals of other people who are from the storylines.  Captators share in their experiences as they quest and experience the main chronicle's adventures.  There are also links to special journals that provide insight into other parallel tales.

This section will provide a synopsis of chapter details and quick links to new chapter information and occurrences.
The beginning is upon us.  Sign up now to be one of the first.  Chapter one is about to begin and the shadows grow longer.
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