The NEWEST movement is about to begin and The Rivengeld is the start.  Read through the pages and get a feel for what will be the next level of role-playing.

This website will be continually updated monthly with new information on the world, new adventures, suggestions for players and gamemasters, and many other surprises.

Also keep an eye out for hidden links and clues to access special items, behind the scenes treats, or exclusive material.  It may take a little time and thought but the payoff will be worth the effort.
The current releases are for the main background details on the
Bai'shen Prophecies, the first chronicle for
The Chronicles of Ballidrous, and on the world.  The core campaign information is available and continuing to grow.
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gaming details?
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Clue:  White Whale
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- Coming Soon -

'Dark Tides'
When Heroes
and Villains are made.

will be available!!
- Coming Soon -

'Dark Bindings'
Some doors should remain closed.

will be available!!