Central Region
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Chapter One - First Wave
takes place in the northern region so most of the information provided will be found there.  As the storyline progresses, other regions will become available.

The maps, modules and
Q-Adventure booklets, and other local information may be available for download in pdf format.
The central region of Ballidrous will be introduced in a later chronicle.

This region extends north of the equator to the furthest most northern point.  The climates of the region consist of tropical, humid tropical and continental, semiarid, arid, and, some subartic. 

The main races inhabiting the central region having kingdoms are humans, elves, orcs, and Anthraki (lizardmen).
Continent: Ballidrous
Central Terrain

Central Kingdoms
27 Zusidra
28 Hirah
29 Frent
30 Hunakha
31 Guitiann
32 Yannes
33 Tomrisis
34 Akrahbeh
35 Odom
36 Eblan
37 Selcus Val
38 Quanra
39 Semmur
40 Qabrak
41 Rassakna
42 Huddruph
43 Zadakiah
44 Hapgrish
45 Yorveh
46 Shlamphyr
47 Horemheb
48 Yazlanni
49 Cantif Glel Posk
50 Onnatum
51 Faysha
52 Harrak
53 Hidahissa
54 Batna
55 Revanhebba
56 Ogrolib
57 Bakbra Shadir
58 Orlim Shadir
59 Tajak
60 Blood Spear Clan
61 Mort
62 Anjuk
63 Quaggi
64 Gnadergliff
65 Nordibar
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The terrain shown is the major terrain feature in that area.