The Rivengeld website was built to further the movement of promoting role-play while adventuring in a more traditional adventure.  Inside, you will find reference information on
The Chronicles of Ballidrous campaign setting and supporting material to aid in a style of gaming that could be considered a fluid approach to gamemastering.  This project is in its infancy stage and will be continually updated with new material on expanding on the detailed world, engaging adventures that are themed, and about those participating in its growth.
April 4, 2019

With the constant need to add new material to the site in this early stage of development, check here to know when the most recent update has taken place.
Maps of the world, to include the first and main continent Ballidrous, and its regional maps.
The first Q-Adventure in the Kingdom of Castile has been released - The Disappearing Scrivener.
The campaign information for players and gamemasters.
The first short story to be released - 'The Mirror's Edge' - based on the campaign world.
The first sourcebook - The Kingdom of Castiel.
A deeper look into the cultures found on Ballidrous.
The Kingdom of Glokstun.
The city of Castiel with greater detail and mapping of the districts.
Core world information to include the people and cultures, charts and city maps, adventure ideas, and greater details to build an in-depth campaign.
Opportunities to contribute to and take part in the growth of The Rivengeld's compendium.
Hidden doorways and puzzles within the pages that will lead to exclusive information.
As the Website:
The Rivengeld acts as the bridge between the players and gamemasters to the campaign setting Chronicles of Ballidrous.  The goal is to create a gaming environment not held to the bounds of a particular module at every turn or encountering the same dilemmas; but to create a fluid campaign based on character choices and on the characters themselves in a richly developed world. 

Releases will be scheduled and themed, based on the main campaign storylines and events.  'First Wave' is the first chapter of The Bai'shen Prophecies, which is the first series of themed adventures. 

As the Organization:
In game terms, The Rivengeld was a college found in the heart of the Empire of Tres long ago, dedicated to the research and study of the magical arts and the world around.  The members, known as the Wali'ha, 'seekers of truth', could be found deep in their libraries or abroad in search of the next great discovery.  Centuries later, when the Shadow Wars began, those who sought to stop the invasion took up the name of Rivens, hoping to find a way to prevent the darkest days that were foretold to fall upon the land of Ballidrous.
In these pages you will find information on the continent of Ballidrous and its many cultures, creatures, and splendor.  Although just the start of the project, this world will become a well-rounded and fully-developed place for those interested in having access to a campaign setting.  The core ideas are derived from many of the past ancient and medieval people found throughout the world; to include Germanic folklore (such as found in J.R.R. Tolkien), the Near East (Mesopotamia), and the martial and spiritual development in the Far East (such as the martial arts systems).

Also, there are pages covering the progress of grand adventures, the exploits of courageous adventurers, and chances to discover the Chronicles' secrets.
"We are the seekers
of the light,
for shadows
always follow."

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