'First Wave'
The Age of Empires is coming to an end as the shadows grow long.
Did you know?
Elves tend to be taller but have slimmer frames than humans.  The life expectancy of the northern elves is around 100 years while the southern elves is about 60 years, due to the higher exposer to disease.
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Finch's discussion on the habbuk val-jnas, the armored war beast from the far east.
The Bai'shen Chronicles Outline

Chronicle:  The Bai'shen Prophecies

Chp 1  -  First Wave
The Bai'shen Prophecies
"... the rain bites cold, while the fierce wind tears through cloth.  The Glok winters can be hard."
The  Chronicles of Ballidrous is set on the world of Enolia.  Approximately twice the size of the Earth, 55% of Enolia's surface is covered in water and has a full range of climates.  The landmasses are divided into eight continents. 

Enolia is orbited by two moons.  They are known to most by their Ardalian names, Avantri and Degavantri.  Avantri has a 36 day cycle while Degavantri has a 48 day cycle.

The information provided on the world and its continents will be based on the timelines for each of the chronicles.  Each chronicle will have a full set of web pages covering the continent and regions where they take place.

'First Wave'
- Ballidrous -

Ballidrous is the third
largest continent extending
from the northern to
southern hemisphere.  The
continent has a full range of
terrains and environments.
Racial distribution on
Ballidrous has four major
racial populations -
humans, elves, orcs,
and dwarves, and
three minor but significant
racial populations -
lizardmen, praetorians, and gnolls.

The cultures of Ballidrous are
described under their respective
kingdom and cultural pages. 

Each chronicle released will have its own world page so the changes that take place will be reflected in each of the chronicle's resources.
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