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Chapter One - First Wave
takes place in the northern region so most of the information provided will be found there.  As the storyline progresses, other regions will become available.

The maps, modules and
Q-Adventure booklets, and other local information may be available for download in pdf format.
Continent: Ballidrous
Northern Region
The northern region of Ballidrous is where the adventure begins.  The majority of the kingdoms were once under the rule of the Ardalian Empire.  This elven empire, once a dominate fixture in the north, began to crumble from internal conflict about 50 years ago.   The Ardalian gods, as best stated by the Council of the High Order, seemed to have abandoned the people.  The kingdoms surrounding the Gulf of Merchants and in the north began to break off.  What remains of the empire now is on the verge of a civil war.

The region sits in the northern hemisphere with climates consisting of oceanic, humid continental, humid subtropical, and subarctic.  The northern expanse borders a frigid coastline with numerous mountain ranges.  The other notable terrain feature is the very humid and outstretched jungle on the southern coast.

The main races inhabiting the northern region having kingdoms are humans, elves, and, dwarves.
Northern Terrain

Northern Kingdoms
1 Castiel
2 Dracia
3 The Free City-States of Tres
4 Glokstun
5 Glwan
6 Elven Kingdom of the
Scarlett Moon
7 Ardalian Empire
8 Vladenosk
9 Aspargard
10 Rhiatna Llyan
11 Havistatt Llyan
12 Eldigraff
13 Rograff
14 "the Merchant Isles"
15 Lughnassadh
16 Newetshire
17 Feuris Halls
18 Llywnn
19 Schenssisjell
20 Morinnani
21 Vell Sigilett
22 Morinshire
23 Clovidor
24 Danfiir Pan
25 Valli Megraph
26 Banshann
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The terrain shown is the major terrain feature in that area.