Monsters on Enolia are found in tales told to scare children, as old folktales whispered by the firelight.  As a gamemaster, keep this in mind when first campaigning.  Not every encounter should be some mythical beast that wouldn't be found in the nearby  ecological system.  Many of the antagonists and encounters should be people, animals, or creatures typical to the local setting.  There are also some unusual creatures added here that are a part of the ecosystem that can make adventuring dangerous and uniquely thrilling.

So when do the monsters come out to play?  That is the most important task for the gamemaster when constructing encounters - use some degree of logic.  A monster should be introduced when the storyline calls for it. There should be some thread of reality or back-story for a creature to be encountered when it is not in its natural setting.  Here are some examples:

  -  Something summoned
  -  When unusual magic is involved, such as the dead rising
  -  Captivity or special pets
  -  Settings that are not near civilization
  -  Ancient ruins

The purpose of putting a limitation on monster encounters is to keep a touch of realism when adventuring in a fantastic world.  This is so that the fantastic will remain a treat to players when encountered and not feel as if this is a normal occurrence.

Coming soon there will be a release that includes creatures and beasts available for use.
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