Playing a character in Ballidrous requires, like most campaign settings offered, a little research and additional thought.  This world is meant to provide a rich source of information so that both players and gamemasters have something new and available for a continuous, well-rounded campaign.  But, also,  The Rivengeld is striving to make the process as effortless as possible by making the information accessible and easily applied.


The Rivengeld has a few tips and options for players on character building and role-playing in Ballidrous.
-  Keeping it Real: One can always hear about tales describing courage and what makes a hero.  In Balldrous, heroes are not the great and powerful wizards and warriors that roam throughout the land.  They are the ordinary people pushed into
extraordinary circumstances. 
Create a character knowing
that she or he is not to be
perfect.  Add in slight
nuances that will make the
journeys interesting.  This
of course doesn't mean to
take license in creating
situations that are counter
productive to the campaign.
-  Well Rounded: Every
character should have a
past.  This should include
where he/she was born,
family and friends, and
skills that reflect their past
experiences.  Make sure
to take a look at the
Character Building Steps to
get some ideas and
additional choices to
create a character's past
in Ballidrous.  It is the
gamemaster's discretion
whether they want you to
use the steps, but the information may help develop a background and ways to introduce new adventures at a later date.
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-  Player Knowledge vs. Character Knowledge:  Veterans will understand this paragraph.  It is important to play a character with only the knowledge the character would have when facing situations.  As a player, you may have fought particular monsters that have unique specialty attacks or defenses, but as the character, facing off on an ogre standing twice your height should be very intimidating.  Please be sure to hold your tongue when called for and let the new players learn from true experience.  Nothing makes the game more interesting.


All game systems help players find ways to make unique heroes and adventurers.  The rules designed for those systems are made to keep a balanced game and should always be the first rules to abide by. For this campaign setting, a player should use the Character Building Steps when creating a new character to develop a deeper background.  Since regions, cultures, and people vary, the steps will assist in choosing the character's starting skills and knowledge.  These steps will help to create a character that would be comparable to the local region by listing general ideas for character types, local skills that are available, languages, and other role-playing tips.

No matter what happens during a campaign, always have fun.  It is only a game and should be respected as such.  Rules are meant more for guidelines and not a means to cheat the system or to overwhelm everyone playing.  Give one person, the gamemaster, the final decision.  This should eliminate most problems when encountered.  Trust in the gamemaster to be fair and/or make it right later.