The habbuk val-jnas (Phillian, hab-book val- nahss) is a large reptile originally from the steppes that lay to the far east of the Ardalian Empire.  This quadraped is often compared to and utilized like a horse.  Over the centuries, humans and elves have captured and slowly domesticated the habbuk for riding and as a work beast.

The habbuk can
grow to be
between 14 and
18 hands.  The
skin is a
toughened hide
that resists the
elements and
protection from
predators.  The
back and
stomach are
similar to a
turtle's; a
midsection with
soft plates on
the back and a
The legs are slender
and ending in a 3 toed
front and 2 toed rear patterned foot.  The necks are long and slender.  The head of the val-jnas ends in a large beak mouth.

One of the unique features of this species is the two sensory feathers that sit on the back of the neck about 6 to 8 inches down from the base of the skull along the spine.  They can feel slight vibrations in the air and to some degree sense weather changes.
'First Wave'
The Age of Empires is coming to an end as the shadows grow long.
Did you know?
Elves tend to be taller but have slimmer frames than humans.  The life expectancy of the northern elves is around 100 years while the southern elves is about 60 years, due to the higher exposer to disease.
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Finch's discussion on the habbuk val-jnas, the armored war beast from the far east.
"Bug in the Spud"
- June 1 -
"the Armored
War Beast"

- June 1 -
Habbuk Val-jnas
An omnivore, the habbuk will eat fresh meat as well as leaves and grasses that are heavy in water content.  Under the shell-like back, they have sacks of fat that will store water for the leaner times.  Being a reptile, they can also last up to three weeks without food or water, two if not at a resting state for the majority of the time.
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