'First Wave'
The Age of Empires is coming to an end as the shadows grow long.
Did you know?
Elves tend to be taller but have slimmer frames than humans.  The life expectancy of the northern elves is around 100 years while the southern elves is about 60 years, due to the higher exposer to disease.
Newest Feature!
Finch's discussion on the habbuk val-jnas, the armored war beast from the far east.
The world of Enolia has many common and exotic plants and animals.  This section is to introduce new specimens for a greater understanding of the ecological systems found on Ballidrous.  You will find:
"Bug in the Spud"
- June 1 -
"the Armored
War Beast"

- June 1 -
-  crops
-  herbs
-  trees and shrubs
-  flowers and grasses
-  domestic animals
-  mammals and birds
-  reptiles and amphibians
-  bugs and fish
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