'First Wave'
The Age of Empires is coming to an end as the shadows grow long.
Did you know?
Elves tend to be taller but have slimmer frames than humans.  The life expectancy of the northern elves is around 100 years while the southern elves is about 60 years, due to the higher exposure to disease.
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Finch's discussion on the habbuk val-jnas, the armored war beast from the far east.
The Bai'shen Chronicles Outline

Chronicle:  The Bai'shen Prophecies

Chp 1  -  First Wave
The Bai'shen Prophecies
The Chronicles of Ballidrous is a new campaign setting offered to all fantasy gamers.  The key concepts used in the foundation in creating this new setting are:

1.)  Having a little more realism in the setting so that the fantastic magic, monsters, and events that players encounter feel 'fantastic'.
2.)  Have a campaign where the players are offered more options and become connected to the game through a variety of storyline tools while the gamemaster has the ability to handle this 'free form' gaming without difficulty.
3.)  Create a campaign setting that includes the elements of time and space into the game by having a main storyline with corresponding character storylines that intertwine while the world around them continues to change.  This will help give the illusion of storyline development on both a small and a large scale.

The information and adventures will be released in a timeline like fashion in respect to the events taking place.  A campaign can be started at any point in the overall storyline or be modified by the gamemaster to fit their adventures.
Introduction by Finch:

Ah, welcome.  I see you have questions about this wondrous world around you.  Yes... yes... calm yourself, I will answer all that you ask when the time is right.  First, let me introduce myself.  I am Ghasten Kladd.  You can call me Finch.  I consider myself a well-traveled elf with some experience on the continent known as Ballidrous.  With this writing, I hope to open your eyes to a new world. 

I'll start where you start.  Below is a quickly inscribed history of the Kingdom of Castiel which I've come to understand over the years. 
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Chronicles of Ballidrous
Before the empire left, they anointed the acting regent Raverson Blackstar.  This move established the Blackstar family as the current lineage holder to the kingship.  Today, King Arrackson 'The Halberd' Blackstar dons the crown and rules the land with a soft but firm hand. 

The indigenous population is known to the surrounding nations as Cassians.  Their bloodline is a mix of the past Tressek kingdoms and the Avarians, humans who once occupied this region before written records.  Many of the kingdom's titles still are held by the descendants of the old Ardalian nobles, but by far, they are not the controlling faction in Castiel.  But that 's another tale.
No treasure is greater than 'home'. A jewel to many, the city of Castiel sits on the far northwestern coast of Ballidrous.  Growing in stature and filled with adventure and intrigue, Castiel is the cultural and economic center for the Kingdom of Castiel.  The city is separated into districts to include a section that spans out into the bay, supported by large stone piles.  Its inhabitants are diverse and most are searching for opportunity to start anew.

The Kingdom of Castiel is one of the newest nations to develop from the slowly failing Ardalian Empire with the city of Castiel its beating heart.  About 50 years ago, the Ardalian Empire seized the city and its surrounding lands during the empire's expansion known as 'The War of the Ages'.  During this time Ardalian influences and social systems were introduced and changed the region.  Castiel developed a greater economic role in the surrounding kingdoms, swelled in population from greater agricultural production and mining, established a social structure and titling system, and increased local trade through the merchant houses and guilds from Ardal.  Twenty years later, the empire had to withdraw from the west when their homelands began to fall into civil strife.