Enolia has many things that are unknown to even the
wisest.  Magic is truly one of them.  There are many
arguments whether magic is from an internal or external
source.  Some believe that the gods provide, some believe it is the energy of the living world, and some their past ancestors.  Here is a breakdown of the information needed for the Bai'shen Prophecies.  Keep in mind as the storylines progress, new information may be released to gamemasters and players on this subject.

Ancient Magic - is used primarily by elves and those humans said to have 'ancient blood'.  These practitioners could be considered what most call  wizards or sorcerers.  There are schools of thought understood by most advanced practitioners but regions vary in their favored fields.  In the north, the Ardalian Empire has suppressed the practice of any magic so most practitioners are in hiding or a part of the upper echelons in the empire (exclusively sanctioned by the emperor).  The magical energy itself is at times uncontrollable due to the difficulty in finding knowledgeable masters or detailed spell books.  To overcome this handicap, most practitioners have used a special form of tattooing to help in spell casting control.  The process of casting is also fatiguing to the caster, thus creating the limitations on the caster on the number and level of spell casting. 

Spell casting and spellcraft is a very important element when using this type of magic.  The campaign should reflect the difficulty of using ancient magic.
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Divine Magic - is used by all races and the practitioners believe the source of magic is through their deity/deities.  Due to this needed connection, practitioners must remain in their deity's favor.  This is especially true for those priests following the deities in the Ardalian pantheon.  At this current time many of the priests have lost this favor and have no access to major spells.



Title examples:

Sub-Titles examples:
Witch/Warlock:  (specializing in potions, charms, clairvoyance)

Elemental Magic - is used by all races and is the most prevalent magic in Ballidrous.  The four main sources are earth, water, fire, and air.  Some cultures have variations of these elements, but still have many similarities in applications and practices.