Creating a character is one of the most important decision
making processes in role-playing.  The Character Building Steps are
here to help with this process when making a character adventuring in Ballidrous.  As with any campaign setting, there are a few differences in the people and details that a player should know when creating a character.

The information made available for character generation will be based on the current and past storylines running in the Chronicles of Ballidrous.  The current book is the 'Bai'shen Prophecies' and everything provided below will reflect this time period.

To assist in character creation, the Rivengeld has provided this outline to help players as they begin adventuring in the Chronicles of Ballidrous.  These steps are to aid in the process and are optional.  The information listed should be considered supplemental and not to replace the game system's character creation rules.

The steps:

Step 1.  Base Creation -
  using the game system's material.
Step 2.  Races -  check for available races.
Step 3.  Magic - magic on Enolia.
Step 4.  Languages -  languages on Enolia.
Step 5.  Background - suggestions for a character's background.
Step 6.  Contacts -  friends and family.
Gamemaster Support
Player Support
Step 1
Base Creation:

Have and know the Game System's material for creating a character.  You should first consult the material provided by the game system being ran.  The rules developed in the character creation process are established to maintain a balance in the overall system rules when playing. 

Run through the following steps and be familiar with the choices available that fit into the current happenings and regional setting.  This will help to create the atmosphere and help with campaign advancement within the storylines.

Race availability is based on the chosen storyline.
Step 2
Chapter 1: "FIRST WAVE"

This chapter is the first storyline available and takes place in northern Ballidrous.  The region is growing unstable and the future seems uncertain but also filled with opportunity.

Humans - The humans make up the majority of the inhabitants in northern Ballidrous.  There are a number of cultures to choose from with a wide variety of backgrounds available.

Elves - The elven people of northern Ballidrous are not originally from this continent and are believed to have been cast out from an ancient homeland.  Through the generations they have lost their grace and their near-immortal life spans.

Dwarves -
The dwarves are believed to be the oldest inhabitants of northern Ballidrous.  Most live within the territories of the Feuris Halls.

Delvai - The delvai are large humanoids who live in the icy reaches in the far north. 

Kerionis - The kerionis are a bipedal canine race that has lived along the coast of the Shugar Sea.  They cohabitate in the human lands.

Click on the link for more details.

                  The Bai'shen Prophecies


Magic on Enolia holds many mysteries. The people of Enolia have found various ways to harness these powers but none have yet to master its true nature.  Click on the link for the Guidelines for Magic to get a better understanding of the options available to players who want a character who uses magic.

              Guidelines for Magic
Step 3

A character's background can be an important aspect when creating a character.  The links below will help give players a general idea of the regions available in the chronicle and some possible backgrounds to get you started.
Step 4
Chapter 1 -

Castiel -

Dracia -

Free City-States of Tres -

Ardalian Empire -

Feuris Halls -
Chapter 1: "FIRST WAVE"

This chapter is the first storyline available and takes place in northern Ballidrous.  The region has a number kingdoms and notable areas.  Here is a brief synopsis of the main kingdoms.

Castiel - is a frontier kingdom in most respects.  Sitting along the coastline, the main city of Castiel is filled with adventurers and opportunists seeking their fortunes.

Dracia - is a human kingdom in a rugged land filled with a hard people.  Dracians are noted for their physical prowess and their blade skills and craftsmanship.

Free City-States of Tres - are a set of independent cities along Can Sea.  These cities are the remnants of an ancient human empire that once ruled the north.  The Tres are a people rich in tradition and appreciate life's small pleasures.

Ardalian Empire - is the largest elven nation on Ballidrous.  The Ardalians are an innovative and status-driven people.  The once strong empire has fallen into disorder.  The Ardalian Empire has lost territories, civil war has broken out between the classes, and the human slave uprisings have begun to become a source of discord.

Feuris Halls -
on the eastern boundary, the dwarven kingdom of the Feuris Halls is far from the troubles of the human and elven kingdoms.  They are a strong mountain folk who carry themselves with great pride.
Step 5

Review the languages available to characters. They are separated into their regions.  The Chronicles of Ballidrous focuses on a more realistic setting so language barriers could be troublesome in a campaign.

Step 6

A player should have friends and family they can go to for assistance or people they may just simply know. These people of interest (POIs) are not necessarily major non-player characters but are people who can help to progress a story or give some aid when needed.  Every player should have at least one or two POIs but should not be excessive in number.  This should be established by the gamemaster at the start of character creation.
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